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2017 Summer/Fall Clinics

NOTE: Eagan Hockey Association DOES NOT serve the entire city of Eagan.

The governing body for Eagan Hockey is Minnesota Hockey. Minnesota Hockey states that registration for hockey is based on the association of residence or the association of school attendance. Eagan Hockey's service area is defined by the boundaries of attendance at Eagan High School as defined by District 196.  Anyone who lives within that area or attends a school (public or private) that is within that attendance area can register with Eagan Hockey. Exceptions are students at schools that serve multiple associations such as Red Pine and Blackhawk. Students at those schools default to their association of residence. 

Before you begin, please verify that your family is eligible to play in the Eagan Hockey Association by entering your house number and city at this link. If your address appears and the link shows "Eagan High School" as the high school that serves your address, you are free to register here. Otherwise, please see the appropriate neighboring associations (Eastview, Rosemount, Sibley, Apple Valley, or Burnsville).

If you have any questions about where to register, please contact Heather Schultz at the link at the bottom of the page. We will not give full refunds to those that register incorrectly and did not check ahead of time.