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Skating Treadmill

2020 Summer Treadmill Training Program

The Eagan Hockey Association is offering a summer treadmill training program to prepare your son/daughter for fall tryouts and the 2020-21 season. This program is only open to players within the Eagan Hockey Association or players participating in Eagan JV or Varsity hockey in 2020-21.  EHA participants must be registered with USA hockey for the 2020-21 season. Minimum age to participate is 10U girls/squirt boys.  

Players will skate on the treadmill with certified trainers from E>Train twice per week for 5 consecutive weeks.  A total of 10 one-hour sessions.  Sessions will occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning 8/4/2020 and end before school begins.

Group 1
Odin Oberhamer
Maxwell Waltman
Viviannne Mondick
Marshall Soleta
Kellan Crews
Brynn Tenney

Group 1 Schedule
Week 3 - August 18 & 20 (8am)
Week 4 - August 25 & 27 (8am)
Week 5 - September 1 & 3 (5pm)


Group 2
Frank Cossetta
Cale Newman
Christoffer Johnson
Jenna Nelvin
Natalie Hagman
Campbell Larson

Group 2 Schedule
Week 3 - August 18 & 20 (9am)
Week 4 - August 25 & 27 (9am)
Week 5 - September 1 & 3 (3pm)


Group 3
Yonah Bates
Camden Sexton
Evan Cook
Carter Larson
Hudson Kerr
Edward Moore

Group 3 Schedule
Week 3 - August 18 & 20 (10am)
Week 4 - August 25 & 27 (10am)
Week 5 - September 1 & 3 (4pm)


Registration Closes in



Jon Kerr

Player Development

Benefits of the Skating Treadmill

The skating treadmill allows each skater to enhance his/her skating technique, efficiency, speed, power, and explosiveness.  By increasing the speed up to 20mph, we are able to train quickness in both stride frequency and recovery.  With the ability of the treadmill to reach up to 30 degrees of incline, we are able to overload the muscle system during the training sessions, creating a stronger, more explosive stride. 

During the session, each skater is harnessed up to an overhead safety system that allows them to push their limits of skating without fear of falling. A safety bar is located directly in front the skater to allow them to hold during specific drills. This enables the athlete to better grasp the lower body mechanics without fear of falling.  Skaters also use the bar to train at faster speeds and higher inclines than they normally might be able to. 

A mirror is placed in front of the skating treadmill as well to allow the skater to see and analyze their own form while in motion during their skates.  This allows the athlete to constantly correct their bad habits and create new, more proper habits.  All throughout their treadmill session, a professional trainer is guiding them through their mechanical corrections and instructing them as needed.  Once an athlete masters the technique of their stride, we are then able to train them to stickhandle on the treadmill while in motion.