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New Info for 2020-2021 Season Coming Soon

Greetings EHA Members –

For the 2019-2020 hockey season there will be a required number of volunteer POINTS to be fulfilled per family. The EHA Board voted to retain the requirement to 4 points per family (and the $100 deposit) for this upcoming season.   We want all of our members to feel involved and connected to our hockey community!

This year is simple; 4 points per FAMILY.  All events that are loaded in Dibs (our volunteer tracking system) will be assigned a number of points awarded upon completion of assigned Dib Item.  For example, if a Dib Item event requires 1 to 1.5 hours of time, 1 point is assigned to that Dib Item.   If a Dib Item requires 30 minutes, .5 point is assigned.  This will avoid confusion of how much 'time' is required.

Dibs is easy.  Click on Dibs at the far right of the navigation bar and click on a Dib Session to find Dib Items available to claim.   You will receive an email reminder the day before your scheduled Dib Item event that you claimed. 

Families who are exempt from having to fulfill 4 Dibs points for the season:

  • Coaches
  • Team Managers
  • EHA Board Members
  • Committee Members (Tryout, Player Development, Recruiting and Retention, Special Events, Tournament and Coach Selection Committees)

Many of you may wonder why meals are needed for tryouts. Our tryout committee members, coaches, board members and evaluators spend hours and hours for weeks at the rink on nights and weekends during the tryout process away from their families. There is not time to break to go home or out for dinner. If we do not get volunteers to provide meals the association has to cover the cost, which then drives up our registration and tryout fees. These Dibs have traditionally been very popular, and spots fill up fast. 

Thanks in advance for volunteering!! 

EHA Board


Chrissy Beckwith

Registrar and Volunteer Coordinator